W o r k s h o p s f o r  E d u c a t o r s

Our workshops are designed to empower individuals and promote self-esteem and emotional intelligence for lifelong success in personal and professional interactions.

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#2001 - Self-Esteem & Emotional Intelligence: Necessary Ingredients for Success

#2002 - Color Me Human: Learning and Personality Styles

#2003 - Learning and the Brain: The Classroom Connection

#2004 - Addressing Virtues in Education

#2005 - "At Risk" Or "At Promise"

#2006 - Dear Diary: Autobiography of a Dropout

#2007 - Motivating the Unmotivated

#2008 - Bullying and Violence Prevention

#20010 - Multiple Intelligences, Emotional Intelligence, Brain Research, and
Their Relationship To Classroom Instruction

#20011 - Teaching Respect, Responsibility, and Effective Communication Skills

#20012 - Leading Techniques For 21st Century Leaders

#20013 - Inspiring Motivation and Personal Responsibility in Students

Parenting Workshops

  • Positive Parenting: Raising Responsible, Empowered and Self-Actualized Children
  • Self-Esteem, Emotional Intelligence and Powerful Communication Patterns

Business Workshop

  • Effective 21st Century Leadership Skills: Leading for Positive Change

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