#2003 Learning and The Brain:
The Classroom Connection

This workshop will outline and investigate the essential principles of brain-compatible learning, and suggest ways to enhance the practice of teaching based on what we now know from the latest brain search.

We will include how the brain takes in, stores and retrieves information. Attention will be paid to the brain's connections to relationships, attitudes, emotion and motivation and the principles of developing strong emotional intelligence. We will discover how threats, intimidation, fear and embarrassment impede learning, how the brain uses the senses to deal with information, how the self-concept cycle impacts learning, and how the human mind shapes and reshapes itself as a result of both positive and negative experiences. We will look at how learning takes place, best times of day to instruct, circadian rhythms, how to insure transfer from short term to long term memory, and information retrieval processes.

Teachers will understand the importance of an enriched environment in the classroom, the necessity for active student involvement, and the value of focused teaching. Information offered in this workshop is a MUST for educators working with children of today.

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