#2001 Self-Esteem and Emotional Intelligence:
The Necessary Ingredients for Success

This workshop is designed to increase awareness of the complex problems experienced by teachers and students throughout the United States in regard to a lack of self-esteem and personal and social responsibility.

The workshop shows teachers and administrators that, with their own enhanced self-esteem and emotional intelligence, they can better impact the students/clients with whom they interact.

Participants will understand the correlation between emotional intelligence and the role it plays in our personal and professional lives. Exploration and strategies for better self-awareness, management of feelings, motivation, empathy and social skill, will enhance learning for teachers, parents, and children. The result will be a deeper understanding of themselves and others. This information can be used by anyone to transform lives. At the conclusion, the participants will be equipped with information about the importance of personal responsibility, emotional intelligence, and self-esteem, and the conditions which allow them to develop to produce a life of academic and personal success.

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